Operating Systems (Windows & Linux)

Random: Off 1. What is an operating system? ⓐ. A type of hardware ⓑ. A collection of software that manages computer hardware resources ⓒ. A user interface for application software ⓓ. A programming language Explanation: An operating system (OS) is system software that manages computer hardware, software resources, and provides common services for computer programs.

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Super computers

Random: Off 1. What is a supercomputer primarily used for? ⓐ. Browsing the internet ⓑ. Playing video games ⓒ. Performing complex calculations at high speed ⓓ. Writing documents Explanation: Supercomputers are designed to handle complex and large-scale calculations that are beyond the capabilities of regular computers, making them ideal for scientific research, weather forecasting, and

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Computer Fundamental

Random: Off 1. Who is often regarded as the “father of computing”? ⓐ. Alan Turing ⓑ. Charles Babbage ⓒ. Ada Lovelace ⓓ. John von Neumann Explanation: Charles Babbage is often regarded as the “father of computing” for his design of the Analytical Engine, a mechanical computer conceptually similar to modern computers. 2. Which device, invented

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