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UNICEF, UNESCO, IMF, WTO-Organizations

Random: Off 1. What does UNICEF stand for? ⓐ. United Nations International Children’s Fund ⓑ. United Nations International Committee for Emergency Famine ⓒ. United Nations International Cooperation and Education Foundation ⓓ. United Nations Intercontinental Children’s Emergency Fund Explanation: UNICEF stands for the United Nations International Children’s Fund, which was initially known as the United Nations […]

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Random: Off 1. What does SAARC stand for? ⓐ. South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation ⓑ. South American Alliance for Regional Collaboration ⓒ. Southeast Asian Association for Regional Coordination ⓓ. South African Alliance for Regional Communication Explanation: SAARC stands for the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, which is an organization of South Asian nations

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Random: Off 1. What does WHO stand for? ⓐ. World Health Organization ⓑ. World Humanitarian Organization ⓒ. World Health Agency ⓓ. World Health Union Explanation: WHO stands for World Health Organization, which is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health. 2. When was the World Health Organization established? ⓐ. 1945

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Random: Off 1. When was the United Nations founded? ⓐ. 1945 ⓑ. 1918 ⓒ. 1939 ⓓ. 1955 Explanation: The United Nations was founded on October 24, 1945, after the end of World War II. 2. Where is the headquarters of the United Nations located? ⓐ. Geneva, Switzerland ⓑ. New York City, USA ⓒ. Paris, France

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